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Weeknotes #5

Truth to be told, vacation has started and there is not much going on in the first place, so I guess this will be rather short.

During the last few weeks I have continued working on improving my handwriting, and while I still don’t feel comfortable showing off something, it is at least improving.

I have located a few issues in my cursive, such as an inconsistent slant, (or better, as in the beginning, the utter lack thereof) and have focused on that for a while. Also the character sizes are not consistent either at all times. Suffice to say it is getting better.

Related to handwriting is also, that I have acquainted myself more with the usage and feel of the “Bullet Journal”. I’m totally getting the hang of it and I have set it up nicely already. It’s all in a simple style organized, not over the top with drawings or stuff, just text. I have some ideas how to make it work for me even better, but that still requires more testing still.

That being said, this is all much easier now that there is not much to do in the first place, the real test will come up in autumn when I’m back at work. So far though I’m having a mildly optimistic feeling about this.

Reading list - The Books

I already posted them but for the sake of summary:

  • Cal Newport: Digital Minimalism
  • James Clear: Atomic Habits
  • Adam Savage: Every Tool’s A Hammer
  • Jeffrey Konvitz: The Sentinel
  • Jeffrey Konvitz: The Guardian

During the evening I started:

  • Terry Pratchett: The Color Of Magic

So, I guess that’s about it for now.

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