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The Case of the Full and Empty Notebook

The other day I wrote on the last page my Leuchtturm 1917 and with it filled my first ever journal. I filled 250 pages in two different fountain pens and altogether five different inks.

For me, that is quite the achievement and the me from the past would have thought things like this to be impossible. It turns out though, that present-me has fun writing with a fountain pen.

During this time I have learned a lot, and skimming through the pages it is fun to see how my handwriting has evolved over time. I’m not quite there yet, and try to improve and focus, but I’m getting there, wherever that there might be.

Also I have learned that I while I like the A5 format for my Bullet Journal/Task Management, I find the same format slightly too small, or narrow, for longform-ish content. Also the dot-grid size, while just right in my BuJo, is too small for me. When I’m writing on every other line the line is way to small for me and in return feels like a waste of space, when writing on every other. Problems, I know.

I looked a bit around and found in a local bookstore an inexpensive B5 sized and lined notebook, which I so far enjoy and which is surprisingly fountain pen friendly. It has less feathering and ghosting that the Leuchtturm in fact and comes at a fraction of the price. The paper might be a tad too yellow and is a bit less smooth, but that doesn’t bother me.

My previous journal was filled in a bit over two months, let’s see how long this one lasts.

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