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The (other) One with all the Domains

There’s got to be a name for that behaviour, but I moved all things back to WordPress from and with it, also re-directed all remaining domains to this blog.


Jup, I have long stated that I own way too many domains that I have used at some point in the past, but don’t anymore, and it seemed redundant to me actually paying for them. So if you run into a blog/site with or at my old domain, it most likely not me. All other domains I own, the .com and .me redirect to this blog now.

Then there is still the domain that I purchased the day it became available. I have used it for a while, then switched (for reasons, of course, why wouldn’t I), but like it enough to stick with it and maybe even use it again at some point.

Reasons to go back to WordPress are many, and while none are huge, I had the feeling that the sum justifies the process. I debated about this with myself at length in my journal (which is the code for: now-that-is-now-super-crazy-serious), and it is mostly about the longevity of the content, media management and dependency on way too many services.

WordPress had become so huge, that chances that it will go away any time soon are rather unlikely. Even if I would want to switch plans to a free one here on, the blog would still be available (with limitations of course).

It is also so much easier to deal with galleries, video and audio. I can have everything under one roof, can upload my own video’s and/or even start a podcast if I wanted to without relying on yet another service/app/platform.

And if I would need/want to move platform yet again, almost every platform will have an importer for WordPress available, so moving content elsewhere is usually a rather benign task.

Sure, especially has it’s limitations, but at the moment I feel its benefits outweigh those.

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