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New Pen: The Kaweco Student 70's Soul

It’s a couple of months ago, that I started to get into fountain-pens and then got me a Lamy Safari. At that time, I hadn’t used a fountain-pen since grade school and planned to give it a try again, because at the same time needed to upgrade, or to put it a bit more truthfully, completely re-learn my handwriting skills, which have become non-existent over time.

While I’m still working on the latter, I have developed interest into all things connected to fountain-pens, such a the pens itself, inks, notebooks, paper, stuff to carry around said pens and paper… you get the idea.

My latest, also known as my second, fountain pen is the Kaweco Student 70’s Soul, which is just a beautiful pen.

The pen comes in a nice little box

While the pen-related blogs that I am reading all are US based, hence mostly recommend US based dealers, I was lucky to have found a dealer with good selections in Europe to order my stuff from. Generally I order where I get things the cheapest, but I’m getting a bit tired of things getting through, or stuck in, customs. So, after only a few days my pen arrived at the post office ready to pick it up.

I have neither much experience or much to compare to, but I was surprised how different this pen performs compared to my Safari. This pen seemingly moves a lot faster and lighter over the paper, hence I have the feeling that I have to focus more when I’m writing in order to prevent mistakes to happen. This took me a few days to get used to, but now I feel very comfortable with this pen.

Currently I’m using Kaweco’s blue ink, but already have set my eyes on, and ordered, a brown ink, which I feel could be just the right color for this pen. I ordered multiple different ones (of course) and a first sample should arrive any day now.

I try to do a short practice-session every day to improve my handwriting skills, which still need more work. Having a pen with which it is fun to write with, certainly helps to do the work and enjoy each little bit of process.

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