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The Book Thing

Last week arrived a delivery of a collection of mostly used Neil Gaiman books and the other day I purchased these two beautiful graphic novels. Also Neil Gaiman… there’s a theme hidden in there.

For the last couple of years I have been mostly reading on the Kindle, which even though nice and for the greater part convenient, in hindsight leaves a feeling of having missed out on things. At the moment it feels much nicer to read an actual book.

Then again, it’s thanks to the Kindle in the first place that I actively started to read again a few years ago, but the experience of reading a book like the above or graphic novel like the Sandman can’t even be compared. One is experiencing a piece of art, the other is looking at a PDF (in case of a graphic novel.

I guess I will still buy an e-book from time to time, but will definitely focus on trying to get the actual physical books whenever possible, for aforementioned reasons and because “Books are sharks” (Douglas Adams, look it up if you want to), and they are.

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