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Another Update on my Reading List

Even though time is limited I try to read on a daily basis and additionally routinely forget to update the blog accordingly. But here are my latest finished books.

My two latest arrivals

As I of recently “discovered” the joy of graphic novels there are few of those, with a few more that I already have waiting to be read in my shelve.

Graphic Novels

  • Neil Gaiman: The Problem of Susan
  • Neil Gaiman: American Gods Vol.2 - My Ainsel
  • Neil Gaiman: The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains

Novels and Stories

  • Arthur Machen: The Great God Pan and other Weird Stories
  • C.S. Lewis: The Magicians Nephew

Currently I’m reading a story or two in “The New Annotated H.P.Lovecraft” when I have some time also am looking into other short stories such as John Crowley’s where I read one great story in the collection which was available in the Kindle sample and now eagerly await the arrival of the used-book which I ordered the other day.

I like reading short stories at the moment, since I can read a story or two and then continue with something else next.

Reading “The Problem of Susan” reminded me that I was still unfamiliar with the C.S. Lewis “Narnia Chronicles”, and since I had the feeling that I might need a short break from gothic horror stories for a little while I started to read “The Narnia Chronicles” and enjoyed the first volume, “The Magicians Nephew” in audiobook format with the great reading of Kenneth Branagh. By now, it goes without saying that I will order also the physical books.

Over the last few months I have increasingly grew tired of reading actual books, or even worse graphic novels, on electronic devices such as Kindle or any app available on any device. Graphic novels really never appealed to me much, until the moment I hold my first physical copy in my hands a few months ago. It is like holding a piece of art in the hand.

I have a few more books coming in soon, but the current postal strike might delay their arrival, but there’s no shortage of things to read anyway.

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