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On Support Chat

Over the course of the last few days I had to spent some time in a couple of sessions in a “support-chat” to sort out some issues that I had with an order (or better the lack thereof, and the money paid for).

In either of those instances the support had been understanding, friendly and helpful, yet, a few thoughts came into my mind. These were not related to the quality of the support, which was good, but more of a general type: who, or what, am I actually talking to.

  • I find it peculiar that one can not be sure anymore if one is talking to a human or a bot.
  • Would spelling/typing errors be added on purpose to hide the fact one is talking to a bot? Still, I hope to have a talked to a human.
  • Why are they at work at that ghostly hour I started the chat in the first place (in my defense here: I was just happy to have found the page with the support options and started the chat, because I might never find the page again)?
  • Bot or human, it is nice to be polite myself (and got positive feedback about my politeness)

I’d like to think I talked/chatted with an actual human being any way and are happy that my issues have been resolved in the meanwhile, bot or not.

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