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The Thing with Instagram

Over the weekend I gave in and installed for the first time in about two years or such Instagram on my phone and started using it again. Much to my surprise I realized not only that I had fun, but also that I missed using it a bit. Okay only a little bit.

Even in the best of times I had never been an avid user, but at least I used it since it almost since its inception whenever that had been. I don’t think my post-frequency will change much though and still will post mostly here.

I also realized how much of a selling platform it had become. Some accounts almost feel like shopping TV. Not sure is this good or bad, but certainly not what it had been, back then.

That being said, through following some pen-related accounts I found German-based and one British penstore which have all the things that I would like to check out eventually in one place. Fountain pens, inks and nice stationary are surprising difficult to get by it seems. At least if one would rather all from one place.

I also learned that Rhodia is now also producing a hardcover version of it’s Goalbook which I was surprisingly excited about. I’m rather happy with the soft-cover one, especially with a leather notebook cover, but a hard-cover one is just slimmer and lighter, even though it means visually “less” business.

In fact, in this way, my now five day-usage can be considered as rather beneficial, albeit not for my wallet.

That being said, I don’t know how long I manage to stay “active” on the platform and definitely will rather post here than there, but let’s see.

Ah yes, you can find me there as @svenseebeck but that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

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