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Weeknotes #12

It now little more that a year since the last post in this category. Is it time to stop calling them Weeknotes? Maybe not yet. Also the blog had been dormant as well for the last ten months and since I planned on “re-launching” the whole thing, I thought I might as well do so by continuing this series before the dormant-ness of this blog has an anniversary as well.

Needless to say since the last post many things worth mentioning have happened, but bringing them up right here and now seems unreasonable and would require me digging through my collections of journals and figuring it out in the first place.

So, the best place to start would be simply to pretend the hiatus never happened (a policy that I will from now on adhere to with all the content on the blog) and jump back right in. Let’s start with the blog.


Obviously the blog had been now, with this post, somewhat resurrected and moved back from to Wordpress. The move had nothing to do with Blot but rather with the dependency of Dropbox and mostly fact that the blog had become, due to its countless moves of platforms (I wonder who’s to blame for that) and my insistence that having a blog and micro-blogging thing on the same site is a great idea, such an unwieldy, at times weirdly formatted and bloated mess with missing images and what not, that it was annoying me.

I did what everyone would do in this situation and let the whole mess just sit and simmer there until a few months ago, when I thought it would be time to clean up the whole mess.

I decided to, this time, get rid of all the posts that are redundant by now, updated some, and most of all imported all the post by hand, to have more control what actually ends up here. This, considered that the whole thing had been been running in one form or the other since 2008, is a stupid amount of work, that I’m almost annoyed of having even started in the first place.

Chances are, that I missed (and will miss) great a deal of posts that I actually care for, but they might still make it here eventually.

By the time I type this, I am still missing entries the entries of the years 2011-16 (OMFG) but over time things will get there. It’s not that I’m in a hurry or that anyone is missing those entries.

And while I was already at it, I have found a theme that I don’t hate and slapped a landing page on it, which I was easily designed thanks to the Gutenberg editor. I start to wonder what it is possible once full-site editing is going to be available. Anyway…

I opted for the landing-page-approach in order to prevent myself from having to worry about updating the blog frequently and to turn more attention to the /pages and selected categories.


Despite Corona and the occasional remote-work period things had been going on “mostly” normal during the last year. “Mostly” in fact means, that we managed to have two actual “LIVE” concerts (one in the beginning, and another at the end of year) but had a plethora of cancelled, moved and finally done streaming concerts. We were lucky of having a media department one floor in our school, who were able to help us, and could also use these for their own studies. It was a win/win without the 20 livestreams wouldn’t have been possible.

Now the regulations have been somewhat gotten less strict around here and we finally had the chance to have (a) concert in front of an audience! Which in fact, is really nice.

Also, not really related, but still. My somewhat dinosaur-age finally had some benefits and as of today (by the time of this writing at least) I have received my first Corona-shot. The next one will be in 3 months and I hope to have this post out by then.

What am I reading?

The last year had been not a good time for my reading habits and my reading time had decreased rather much over the time. I haven’t even updated my “Book Log” as much as I wanted to and most likely forgot to add books to it. I did quite a few re-reads during the year, and I think I might have read Good Omens at the least twice.

Currently though I’m reading V.E. Schwab’s A Gathering of Shadows and Neil Gaiman’s 1602 and ever so often a story or two from the Neil Gaiman Reader. It is surely not as much as compared to the previous years, but the year is not done yet. This might still change and I might find my reading-mojo again.

So, I think this will be it for the time being. This post is already way too epic in proportions and I doubt anyone will have even made it up to this point, I congratulate you if you did. I have no idea how the blog will develop in the future and let’s see if then next “Weeknotes” will come out this year still.

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