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New Nib-Day

My fountain-pen hobby addiction extents now to nibs as well.

From the day I got it the Kaweco Brass Sport had been my favourite fountain-pen and I have enjoyed writing with it, the feel of the brass and the fact that the body itself is so solid that I don't have to worry about breaking it when carrying it around. Great!

Over the time I have developed a rather small handwriting and while I have been rather satisfied with the stock EF-nib that I have been using on the Brass I kept looking into other pens to improve the writing feel with an EF nib.

Low and behold during the last few months Kaweco has released a "Premium Nib" which is said to improve the writing feel of the nib I eventually bit the bullet and ordered one.

So far, after admittedly only day of testing and a couple of written pages, the nib is a winner and I'm even happier with my pen than I had been before. When researching on the nib I couldn't really find a comparison between the nibs and might post one in the near future.

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