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Weeknotes #13

I missed the obviously best opportunity to publish the 13th edition of the Weeknotes on Halloween, but at least it is still in the ballpark.

Since my last Weeknotes had been months in the past, naturally a lot of things have happened and it would be out of the scope of one measly post to fill you up on all things. So, let’s just pretend the gap never happened and here’s what happened during the past few weeks.


During the last few weeks I have re-activated my Micro.Blog blog with the idea of being less of an online hermit, and needless to say, it turns out that I don’t feel very social, granted is both blogging and social, but still.

I posted a few things here and there but that was about it.

I considered cross posting to say Mastodon as well but somehow it just feels like showing up someone else’s party and just hang out there.

On the other side I re-discovered interest into this blog and bizarrely have had no issues posting things here. I guess, this is more my party. Don’t know, but it just feels better.

And that brings me to the:


You might notice that I got a little wild with the design. That is, if the use of color is “wild”. I’m not yet done with this (will I ever) but so far I enjoy a bit more colour in here.

I have updated a few pages as well and eventually will update the /now page as well. Still it’s stuck in summer 🤣

Things watched

Historically I’m bad at watching TV, or movies in general but at least for the sake of Halloween watched the remake of “The Omen”. Not bad, but probably should have watched the original.

And talking about original. As I’m typing this, the extended edition of the exorcist is running in the background. Let’s see how that works out.

Things read

I had been reading quite a bit in the past and even managed to update the book-log. At the moment I’m reading:

  • Clive Barker: Mister B Gone
  • Stephen Fry: Troy
  • Anne Rice: Interview with the Vampire

So, I think this will do for now.

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