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Weeknotes #14

Looking back at the weeks since my last Weeknotes it is safe to say that at the least on this blog plenty of things have happened, even if that that might not be obvious on first sight.

So, maybe I’ll start with the blog


While I have found again interest in building the blog as my main social platform, I still struggle to publish anything meaningful. Then again, who cares.

What I care though is the design of this blog, and as such I have on average changed the theme of the blog a couple of times (over the span of two weeks or such) a day, but in the end went back to the default theme. If I would have already re-imported all posts from the past, I would be able to count how much I wrote that since I started blogging.

Obviously, I’m back to where-ever I left off. 🤦‍♂️ Not sure what to think about that.


So, we’ve got HBO-Max and Prime during the last few weeks I watched the whole run of the Big Bang Theory. I watched it before of course, but then got stuck for whatever reason at the 8th (or so) season and as previously, it is huge fun though, great show.

As a new long-term project we (my son and I) started to watch Doctor Who again as well, but that will surely take some time get done.

At the same time I’m reading “The Eye of The World”. I will really have to finish that soon as the last book in the Expanse-Series will be out next week. But one thing at a time.


For an upcoming project I started to work on the baritone saxophone which is huge fun, but other than than that things are running smoothly along. A few more concerts are coming up in the next weeks as well. Hopefully, with the corona-restrictions are getting tighter again, they will even take place.


It seems that Obsidian is taking over all things that I do with text-/writing (writing this though in Gutenberg, somehow seems one-click-less) and it is working rather well for me. I’m not much (if at all) into all the Graph-/Backlink things but rather just use to organize my notes for work and planning stuff. Things I up to recently used my Bullet Journal for. Crazy, but it seem to fit rather nicely into my workflow plus it is available on all platforms that I’m using on a daily basis, which is a first I guess.

So, I guess that it is for now, and more in a couple of weeks.

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