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New Year, New Journal Setup

I’m using the Bullet Journal Method for task-management now in the third year and aside two attempts of trying digital solutions such as orgmode and Todoist (each in turn lasted exactly a month), have stuck to and enjoyed working with it every day since.

At the same time I have started journaling and haven’t missed a single day of doing so, aside, again, each a 30 day stint with org-journal, Day One and recently an even shorter attempt of using Obsidian. It seems that can’t stick to it when using a digital solution, pen/paper on the other side works every day without problems and I find it much more enjoyable.

During 2021 I have used the Traveller’s Notebook in conjunction with Baumkuchen-Studio’s Grid-Refill and had been vary satisfied with that setup. I felt though often the need for a little more space and after some trialing I opted for the Midori Notebooks. I have used them in the past and the paper is fantastic with fountain pens, it has a nice warm tint, the grid is subtle yet easily visible and the books have overall a nice and minimal design. I just like them.

I have accumulated plenty of pen-cases over the last few years, and currently enjoy the Burton (I think, that’s what it’s called) from Nock & Co which also is housing the notebook for carrying.

I’m looking forward to work with these notebooks during this year, and hopefully even beyond.

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