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The Not-So-Weekly Post

Soon The Walking Dead is about to start, which means that it is time for another, well, not-so-weekly post. As usual I should have taken notes during the week(s), something that I plan to solve with a nifty Drafts action in the future, but until then I will have to dive into my flawed memory.

During the last few days a lot of things have been happening over on First of all it got a shiny new design, then Riposte, which has become one of my favourite ways to browse the timeline on the phone got an update as well. And since this is not enough, with Kiwi 1 a real nice client for the desktop got released as invitation-only beta.

Which reminds me, that I actually started to use my Mac at home a bit more again as it is not crashing anymore since I switched away from Safari. It seems that this actually could have been the reason.

I still drop by daily on Twitter and naturally also tried the latest update to Twitterific. It does look nice and has a few neat features, but it feels a bit sluggish on my devices.

I again started to look around for the perfect bag for all the stuff that I usually carry around on a daily basis. Unfortunately this is a bit of challenge, as it shouldn’t be either too big or too small, yet stylish and timeless and … You see where this is going. At the moment I have been looking at some Timbuk2 bags. I’ll let you know how this is developing.

I think this is it for this week even though I’m almost certain that I forgot most things, but maybe the next, erm, weekly post comes out actually in the next week. But now… The Walking Dead is about to start.

  1. I remember the app being an Twitter app a few years ago, but now had been rewritten for
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