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Kaweco Steel EF vs Premium EF Nib - A quick Comparrison

Over time I have become rather peculiar about my preferred fountain pen(s), nib-sizes, ink colour and paper and after much experimentation have come to like EF-nibs and plain black ink, if possible on MD-paper best. It’s been a long ride to figure those out, but that’s where I am at the moment.

I like things to be consistent and black-ink guarantees that most of the time with limited variations of course. The same goes for nib-widths. Sadly those are rather inconsistent between brands and adding choice of ink and paper add another variables to the mix, which makes the “right” one even harder to find.

After some experimentation I always like the width of Kaweco’s EF nibs and was interested how the new-ish “Premium” steel nibs compare to the normal ones.

Since I have no chance to try out inks and nibs locally, ordering pens, ink or nibs is akin of playing the lottery and I have to solely rely on reviews and comparisons online. In the grand scheme of things this is though such a niche-problem that I don’t always find what I’m looking for.

When I ordered my first Kaweco Premium nib I was only able to find reviews of said nib, but no comparison to it’s plain-steel counterpart, which I had been using up to then, and specifically the EF-Nib.

Long story short, here is a quick comparison of the two nibs.

First the Premium one:

And the Standard one:

I like both nibs and from what I can tell the width between is about the same with the Premium Nib being noticeably smoother and nicer to write with and comparably being a more wet writer as far that is possible with an EF nib.

I enjoy this nib and it is favourite at the moment and I use it every day; in fact I’m on my second one already because Brass pens are heavy and when they slip out of ones hand nibs might get damaged 🙈, which is one of the reasons why I have switched to the much lighter Kaweco Student.

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