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Trying to Find a Plain-Text Task-Management System... again

Every now and then I get bored/frustrated with Pen/Paper task-management and start to look into some plain-text alternatives. The last few days were dedicated to that.

I used Taskpaper successfully in the past, as well as Orgmode which was great, possibly the best, but getting the Agenda to come out the way I wanted turned out more hassle than I cared for.

So what I’m doing now is trying to set up a system in Obsidian. It might be a good contender and at least in theory would work in every OS. And I don’t need it to be too fancy, since the Pen/Paper approach worked totally fine for me as well.

After some tinkering I got something to work that actually does look promising. Then again there are quite a few dependencies on 3rd party plugins, which might break things at some point should they not get updated. It might work, but feels fragile.

This all just means, that besides that I have made some progress, I’m none the wiser. A dedicated app for that would certainly make some things easier and in any case integrate better with the OS (share-sheets and the like). Then again, never had those in a notebook either.

Or I would learn to use only a single text file that would be the ultimate future proof solution.

I know I make things way too complicated and chances are that I work with this for a few days and then will try something else instead anyway. I wish though I had the willpower to simply stick to ONE file, or to any system for that matter.

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