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On this day, 12 years ago...

I launched in addition to my photoblog (From 10 to 300mm), my “personal” blog which ran under Too Much Latte for many years. Then I set up the whole thing from my phone while in the bus to a concert in Levi/Finland.

I remember that being a rather fiddly thing then, and I don’t think that the Wordpress admin was even responsive. Somehow I got it done though.

Today curiosity drew me to and I caught some screenshots. The first instance a few days after “launch”:

And a few weeks later (I already then changed themes plenty):

That blog, and the photoblog have morphed into this one for quite some time now and most of those old posts from either blog have been either lost or been deleted in various moves between platforms.

While I was at it I also copied some of those posts from there and will import them here at some point as well, for my “own archive” so to say.

For those interested, some of my old entries are here on the blog in either the photoblog, the photojournal or in the From 10 to 300mm category. There are though still a few years’ worth of pictures waiting to be imported.

My galleries from that time are still on Flickr even though they are also not complete.

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