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It’s Only A Birthday…

Here’s the thing… I like to use Twitter (being kind of busy at the moment and have not so much time for it as I actually want to), hang out over at my website From 10 to 300mm, and as of recent, I post stuff to this blog also. One place where you can find me only occasionally is Facebook, max. like once a day, if at all.

I tend to just quickly scan through the latest updates from my friends, and maybe leave comment here and there. That’s about it. Most of of the time I don’t even notice some updates there, as they are buried between all this Farmville/Mafia app posts (I know that Facebooks lite version solves this somehow) or because of Twitter dupes.

With all the not-use of it, I’ll try to keep Facebook somehow private place though. A place for friends, meaning, people I actually met. Of course I added a few people from various social networks, mainly Twitter friends, but those I have been knowing for quite some time already and we have been in contact with each other.

If you follow me on Twitter, visit my photography site or also want to visit here from time to time, I can assure you, that you will get much more out of it, as my last FB-status update dates back already a few weeks. Not sure if I updated this year already in fact (I could of course check now, but it’s hardly worth it). My Facebook profile is actually insanely unspectacular.

The only thing that you might find out about me there, is my birthday (same day as Harry Potter’s but the year is a well kept secret also there ;-) ). And that’s about it.

Of course I could try to figure out the new privacy settings and comply to every friend request, but I’m too lazy for that. I’m not sure if it’s actually worth the hassle. I most likely will change my opinion on that matter in the future and open the floodgates if you will, but I have to drool about that for a while.

So in the meanwhile, if you want to add me on Facebook, feel free to do so, but I can’t guarantee I will actually add you. So if I don’t, please don’t take this personal.

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