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Little construction ahead

As I launched my personal blog this week officially, it’s now about time to do some minor re-designs to make this place as personal as possible. Somehow I like to tweak or re-designing my sites. Those familiar with my website might have noticed this already. Usually once a year I’ll try to do a major re-design, or develop it a little more. The last installment took place to my websites anniversary in November.

So, why stop here? ;-)

As with my portfolio site, I would like this one to be place which is fun to visit, and therefore I will add minor elements here. Starting with a nice banner on top and maybe some minor small elements in the sidebar.

Sure, I’m by no means a designer and the whole process is merely a continuous series of try and error. I found some nice tutorials from which I will pick up some elements and I thought I’ll share them with you. This way you will get an idea what I’m hopefully coming up with and what to expect. If I don’t screw it up that is, of course.

For the banner, and maybe for the sidebar, I will pick up some ideas from here: - PSD-Tuts+ – How to make a highly textured site layout in photoshop - Denis Designs – Create a wood background in photoshop

And maybe some icons from here.

I have not yet thought this completely to the end, but you can expect most likely something woody, grungy with coffee. Just like me, or this blog. Let’s see.

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