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My Favorite Shortcut

I totally like my new Magic Mouse, but for quite many operations I simply prefer keyboard shortcuts. It just feels much more effective and requires less movement, than looking and grabbing for the mouse to open an app or something like that. Not that I have a problem with moving, but you get the idea ;-)

My favorite shortcut at the moment has to be ⌘⌥H (Hide others). Once the desktop is not too messy, I have good and clean working environment. To keep track of incoming mails, or alerts of all kinds I use and love Growl. Had to be a little careful though, with the amount of notifications.

Wish there were a shortcut, which switches to the app I want and auto hide the others. I had been testing a few keyboard macro programs in the past, but I never really dived into it. Maybe it’s about time to have a look at a few of them again.

Do you mind to share what’s yours? Or do you use a tool for your shortcuts? Please leave a note in the comments.

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