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Weeknotes #15

Since the my last very-not-weekly posts plenty of things have happened and by now I am not done, but more done in moving the blog over to Micro.Blog. There are still some posts, from the earlier years of this blog amiss but eventually they will make it appearance over here as well. It is not that anyone is really missing them.

But a bit more of that later.

I doubt that anyone wants to hear about it anymore but the Corona situation at the moment seems be rather wild. People falling ill to the disease all over the place, and it certainly feels more than ever and there are more in our immediate vicinity.

This week an exam/concert even had to be moved ahead of schedule (in a classroom even) to avoid that even more students have a chance to get ill before the planned concert at the end of week. This was a first.

What did not got moved ahead was the tour that I should be on right now, needless to say, I’m not. Then again, this gives me more time to do other things, such as working on the blog.


As I said already, the move to Micro.Blog is done, I have settled in and am mostly finished with the design of the blog. As usual I have spent more time than I care to admit on designing the blog’s theme and in the process finally have gotten one of my favourite fonts, Charter, here on the blog.

Charter had been a long time favourite of mine, but sadly is only available on iOS/Mac OS as a system font, and not on other OS’s. Thanks to Sven I learned about Base64 encoding (which I have seen done before but never knew what it was) and could use the font directly in the CSS, hence the blog looks the way I intend on all platform. I know, I’m weird this way.

Ironically theme is now similar to one that I fiddled together back in the days running Ghost. Then I used a font called “Elena” (I have a screenshot somewhere but can’t find it now).

Anyway, in the process I already worked a bit on the dark theme, which is now based on the Gruvbox colour theme. I like the vintage feel of it.

My next strategy is to try something new here on the blog: Instead of tinkering with the design, I could do some writing.

Let’s see if that ever will happen.


Talking about posting… I recently posted my upcoming reading list and so far I’m sticking to it. No falling back into the Wheel of Time Series as of know.

So far I have finished:

  • Neil Gaiman: Don’t Panic
  • Grady Hendrix: The Final Girl Support Group
  • Douglas Adams: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

I enjoyed the latter a lot. I like Douglas Adams’ writing and the humour he builds into the sentences. Also the reading of the book had been none other than great.

Now that I’m three books in, I decided to change my list ever so slightly add the second Dirk Gently book (I already mentioned my completionism issue) and Joe Hill’s NOSF42.


I have started to play “Neverwherdle” on Neil Gaiman’s site and a have now a bit of a streak and am getting the hang/appeal of it.

Neverwherdle 13 5/6






Played 12, streak 6

So, I think that might be it for now. The next “Weeknotes” will be out at some point, but surely not in a week.

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