Made-Up Bits

a personal blog, by Sven Seebeck -


Hi there! I’m Sven and I am sorry that you ended up on my site. Since this must have been an accident, you might as well make the most of it and have a look.

I’m a husband, father, on a good day make accidentally decent music and own too many notebooks and fountain-pens.

This blog is running in one form or the other somehow since 2008 (the beginnings, like all the beginnings are rather foggy, and years are blurry by now) and has lost more content over the years than it contains right now, like a diet of sorts, but there is still plenty left, as you can see on the /stats page.

You might want to start in the /wiki (which in fact is not of a WIKI, nothing but a page with a bunch of links in fact) or the /archives and have a look around.

Should none of the above findings scare you away, you might as well /subscribe to updates in one form or the other. I’d choose RSS, but that’s totally up to you.

You might also follow the example of billions of people of not following this blog in the first place. The majority of those live’s life just as happily, and the rest doesn’t know better.

IF you really MUST you might contact me, or my inbox at hello (at) svenseebeck dot me, there is a small chance I might answer.