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Kaweco Steel EF vs Premium EF Nib - A quick Comparrison

Over time I have become rather peculiar about my preferred fountain pen(s), nib-sizes, ink colour and paper and after much experimentation have come to like EF-nibs and plain black ink, if possible on MD-paper best. It’s been a long ride to figure those out, but that’s where I am at the moment. I like things to be consistent and black-ink guarantees that most of the time with limited variations of course.

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New Pen Day

It's the first one this year! I have been waiting for the pen to arrive and today my new Kaweco Student Demonstrator arrived, and it is gorgeous. I have currently equipped it with the Kaweco Premium EF Nib and it writes and feels wonderfully in the hand. I have come to like to Demonstrator pens as they are rather neutral and don't imply any colour. I always want to make sure that ink and pen match and the neutral colour makes the pen flexible.

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New Nib-Day

My fountain-pen hobby addiction extents now to nibs as well. From the day I got it the Kaweco Brass Sport had been my favourite fountain-pen and I have enjoyed writing with it, the feel of the brass and the fact that the body itself is so solid that I don't have to worry about breaking it when carrying it around. Great! Over the time I have developed a rather small handwriting and while I have been rather satisfied with the stock EF-nib that I have been using on the Brass I kept looking into other pens to improve the writing feel with an EF nib.

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New Ink Day - Diamine Earl Grey

I had been looking for a nice grey ink for use in my Bullet Journal as I start to feel the black I was using as too “contrast-y”. I then found Diamine Earl Grey and even after only little use, I feel that it’s just what I have been looking for and I’m sure the ink will find much more use around here. It is a very fun colour and as a bonus matches the pen very well.

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The One with the new Pen - Part 3

I have been looking into a few more pens recently, and was looking for something that is somewhere between my Kaweco Student Soul and the Lamy Safari. I like both, but find the Safari sometimes a bit too scritch-scratch and would like to have something slightly larger than the Kaweco, but first of all I wanted to own a piston pen. The TSWBI Eco series seemed to tick all the boxes, and since I couldn’t decide on a color I opted for the transparent one.

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New Pen: The Kaweco Student 70's Soul

It’s a couple of months ago, that I started to get into fountain-pens and then got me a Lamy Safari. At that time, I hadn’t used a fountain-pen since grade school and planned to give it a try again, because at the same time needed to upgrade, or to put it a bit more truthfully, completely re-learn my handwriting skills, which have become non-existent over time. While I’m still working on the latter, I have developed interest into all things connected to fountain-pens, such a the pens itself, inks, notebooks, paper, stuff to carry around said pens and paper… you get the idea.

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Oxford Blue

I wouldn’t have thought that to be possible a few months but I washed my fountain pen today and loaded up my new, and eagerly awaited ink and converters. Apparently that’s a thing that I do nowadays and it’s fun. The ink is much darker than I expected and still needs to get used to, which is another thing I didn’t thought possible earlier.

New Pen

Actually it is the first fountain pen I got myself since, I guess, 4th grade or such. I didn’t know how much fun it is to use a fountain pen. I doubt I have spent much time thinking, or enjoying that when I was in school, but now things are a lot different. And not only my age of course. I’m making also some progress on the “improving my handwriting” issue.

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