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Parked sleds.

This Years' Gingerbread House

While I was off on a rehearsal the other day my wife and the kids finished this years Gingerbread House(s). It’s as awesome as always.

The other day we went to see the Lumo Light Festival and watched this beautiful installation. It was a fun light show.


My Baum-Kuchen Studio delivery arrived and contained, amongst a few other things, also this nice sticker which looks great on my Travelers Notebook. I just hope the sticker will stick a while.

Looking Up

The other weekend we took advantage of the nice weather and went to the beach again. The light was rather nice on the building.

Koitelinkoski in Monochrome

Yesterday we took opportunity of the nice weather and drove out to Koitelinkoski. I have visited this location plenty, but somehow it is always nice to come back to. It has changed much though since the first time I visited there about 12 years ago. There had been lots of things to explore for the kids and I could even take a few images. Not much different than the others, but at least these are in B&W and feature some nice clouds.

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We took a short trip to the bird-watching tower in Limminka and captured this panorama shortly before it started to rain badly. We would have had more time there, but somehow I managed to take a wrong turn, or better no turn at all and we ended up somewhere totally different. Anyway, it’s a nice place to be and we will certainly go back there.

Hailuoto Beach

An image from yesterday’s trip to the beach. In the past I would have needed a tripod and my DSLR to capture an image like this, now an app comes close. Then again, the quality would have been better, but I would not have taken it, since I wouldn’t have carried it around.

At the Beach

Even though it had been colder than it looks, we took a trip to the beach in the morning.

A Frozen Cake

One of our daughters’ birthday wishes had been a “Frozen”-cake and my wife had made an awesome one!

Morning Walk


From the recent light-show event in the city. I like to believe Kylo Ren’s lightsaber to have been an inspiration for this one.

A few days ago

Since the weather turned rainy, grey and generally dreadful a quick reminder of just a few days ago.

And suddenly it's Winter

Still Empty

Still empty. Kids’ concert starts in two hours.

A Stop at Kabelvåg

After spending the first night of the trip along the way, we arrived, after about 24 hours of travel on the Lofoten islands first in the city of Svolvaer and a bit later in the village of Kabelvåg where stayed for the night. After a visit to the aquarium we put up our tents on a camping ground and continued the trip the next day.

Vintage Writing Desk

A vintage, how-to-minimal, writing desk. Sadly not mine though.

Don't Bite

There was a lot of dried fish on the Lofoten, but this one at the Glashytta was a rather stunning one.


Another beach, this time in Vikten. performed great.

Lofoten Beach

An image from the beach last night. This was another great place to spend the night.

Mountain View

The weather has changed for the better, and what a nice way to wake up.

With at the Tivoli

During a visit to Tivoli with the kids I used the opportunity to play around with a bit. Here’s another one: This is surely a fun app. I will have to make more use of that.


A vintage typewriter that we ran into the other day.

I Know it's Been a While

There is this place with three lakes just placed in the middle of the woods and I have visited them plenty in the past. In fact it had been though about 9 years or such since my last visit, and while the lakes are still in the woods, the whole area before it had been developed into a suburbian living area. Only by luck I was able to find the lakes again.

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Three Boats

In many cases the light was a little bit too harsh in the middle of the day to take pictures, but at least for this it worked out nicely and these three boats made for a nice motif.

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