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On The Road To Norway

It’s around 12 o’clock when we pass the arctic circle. We planned to be at sunset in Kilpisjärvi, far in the north of Finland at the border to Norway. At that moment we will haven driven around 700km. Most of them through the night.

2:30 o’clock: Everything goes like planned. At least so far. We’re now somewhere half way there and the darkness and upcoming fog and the unfamiliar road slows us down a little. An occasional village or a remotely located house lights up the darkness a little.

It’s still a long way ahead and after a little break and switching the driving responsibility we continue.

3:40 o’clock: The fog is getting really thick by now. While it looks wonderful in an image, at this moment it’s more of a drag. Another bottle of energy drink is opened and the ride through the night continues.

6:35 o’clock: The ride through the fog continued for more than two hours. With an occasional visibility of only a few meters and one eye on the navigator our speed slowed down significantly. Roughly one hour than planned we are close to reach our first destination, Kilpisjärvi.

I had been visiting this location once before during the last summer. The scenery there can be described as mysterious. I plan to do a shots there which I missed during my last visit here. It will be long after sunrise when we’re there, but I hope the conditions will change a little and let some sunlight through the fog or clouds. Let’s see.

7:10 o’clock: Okay, that’s not going to work today here. It’s just too grey. I take a few snaps with the phone and as no coffee is open here, we waste no time and continue to Norway.

I hope I’ll have the chance for some more posts once we are in Norway and I find free wifi.

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