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Hauska vappu!

I don’t see the need to share these every time I solve one, but this was fun.


And yes, it’s Neil Gaiman’s Neverwherdle.

The One About Me getting a Haircut

Ever since I wear my hair short (it used used to be different, and now there are no pix and my driving license is hidden in a secure location), my haircut looks, despite my best efforts to contrary, always the same. I tried plenty, but it seemingly doesn’t doesn’t matter what I do. I visit a hairdresser, give a set of instructions, and the resulting haircut is the same like always.

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Today’s stage looking nice.

At the soundcheck for the 110 Year Gil Evans tribute concert with soloist Jukka Eskola. This is going to be a great concert today at 17:00 o’clock at the Rio.

At 3:20 the cats were of the opinion that I had slept enough. Little did they know.

I switched around some things during my vacation and did the inevitable and set up Elfeed as well. I didn’t realise how much I prefer to read my feeds this way.

Classic backstage before the concert with the Carling Family.

Re: my Reading-List

My plan has worked out well and I finished the books on my Reading-List. As some of the books I planned were not available as I planned in the library, I took some detours and started two books that had been on my “want-to-read” list for a while already. Started… not finished. But more on that a little later in this post. As planned I finished: Neil Gaiman: Don’t Panic Douglas Adams: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Grady Hendrix: The Final Girl Support Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman: Good Omens V.

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Manton Reece in: Part 2: Foundation - Indie Microblogging

My blog is one of the most important things I do. It’s not my full-time job. It doesn’t make any money directly. But consistently writing, collecting a memory of those everyday events, adding my own commentary on technology, or chronicling the projects I work on — it becomes a substantial archive over time.

Manton has released the draft of his book on Microblogging today and, obviously I’m not far into it, there are a lot of interesting things right in the beginning. The above quote sounds very familiar to me.

Looking forward to read more in this book.

What about a game of soccer?

Soprano Blues

To be honest, I’m mostly angry at the moment and don’t feel like sitting down to write or publish something. That I’m constantly running behind my todo-list isn’t much of a help either. Still I took a few minutes after my first student in the morning and improvised a bit on a blues with my soprano. It’s nothing special, only a short un-accompanied jam. I planned to publish, or post things like these for a while already (needless to say I never did), but I might as well start now.

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Winter: Best enjoyed inside….

Thanks to all the talk about personal libraries  I somehow remembered that thanks to Libby I can borrow audiobooks via my library. How could I forget that! I already placed some books on hold and borrowed two more.

This will mix up my plan, but I have managed that already, and will save me a lot of money.

Weeknotes #15

Since the my last very-not-weekly posts plenty of things have happened and by now I am not done, but more done in moving the blog over to Micro.Blog. There are still some posts, from the earlier years of this blog amiss but eventually they will make it appearance over here as well. It is not that anyone is really missing them. But a bit more of that later. I doubt that anyone wants to hear about it anymore but the Corona situation at the moment seems be rather wild.

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If you try the cricket-bar you don’t have to eat the carrot.

A sentence I actually said.

(Found in a note in Ulysses which I haven’t used in years)

The finished 1989 Batmobile

We started building this exactly three months ago (it naturally gathered some dust in the meanwhile 🙈) but as of last evening the 1989 Batmobile is finished. It’s a great (in many ways) Lego set and it was huge fun to build. Some sections were rather challenging to assemble, but it was motivating to build at all times. The level of detail in this set is really great to see.

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My upcoming Reading List - A plan

I have a “problem”: I get quickly obsessive about things in general and additionally tend to be a completionist. When I like something, I really “like” it and have to read/watch/listen/own everything about it. Not always, sure, but often enough. My latest object of “liking” is Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time series. My wife had frequently encouraged me to start reading the series and in November ‘21 I eventually did.

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From todays trip to the bird watching place.

How great is that! Neil Gaiman has his own Neil Gaiman themed Wordle: the Neverwherdle 2 5/6


Via Twitter

I finished reading “The Fires of Heaven” (book #5 in the WOT series) by Robert Jordan the other day and am now wondering what to read next. I do have some ideas, and after reading the WOT series since November I do feel the need for change before continuing with the series. 📚

Parked sleds.

While cleaning some folders I ran into to some design drafts that I did for the header of my “old” blog alongside with the some logo design. Sadly this one has the “real” fonts missing, but still it is a nice reminder on the things I was working on once.

I have spent a significant amount of the afternoon re-naming files, organising my documents folder and cancelling redundant subscriptions. At least the latter saves me some money. Overall though not the most exciting way to spend the afternoon.

My daughter and I made some progress with the Batmobile this morning. We’re about 2/3rds in at the moment. Not much to go.

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