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Little Cudden

Cornwall Spring 2009

It’s my second day in Cornwall. It was a 27 hour journey to get here and after a quick explore at dawn I fall into bed only to be waken up a few hours later just before sunrise. After all, I came to take pictures.

At sunrise the conditions are nice and I do some photography at St.Michaels Mount. The weather improves during the course of the morning and after a good breakfast and another nap I head out along the coast and explore the scenery.

At the end of my hike along the coast I take a rest at this beautiful bay. It’s in the middle of the day, a time I usually don’t do much photography but this scene was just too beautiful. Lovely clouds in the sky the light actually isn’t that harsh with the sun side-lighting the scene.

If you are interested you can read more about my trip to Cornwall here on the blog in my photo-journals. Also you are welcome to have a look at my slideshow from last year which I updated just yesterday and is now available here in HD.

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