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Henningsvaer Harbour

Lofoten Islands, June 2010. Upon our arrival the weather was, well, badly in need of improvement. It’s cold, it rains cats and dogs and the visibility is somewhere around 100m into every direction.

We came a long way and after a good night sleep in the car we head out to get a decent coffee and something to eat. Little bit more awake we stroll along the roads exploring the area for good locations to photograph once the conditions are slightly better. We reach this little village, and as of now, I can’t remember anymore where we were. It was though located on the island of Vestvagøy. But don’t nail me on that.

The rain finally calmed down a little and we stopped at this place to grab another coffee. We’re right in the middle of this village, and since the rain wasn’t that bad anymore I go out to take a photograph. Climbing a little down the pier I looked for a decent composition. Behind me the huge amount of caravans blocked the wind and the rain a little.

Sometimes, photography is a funny thing. While exploring the beautiful landscapes and nature of the islands, it’s somehow this image, which captures best my feelings and memories of the first day on these islands. The composition is admittedly not perfect and neither are the conditions, but for some reason I like this image.

It is an image of contrasts. The beautiful location vs. the bad conditions, the old vs. the new buildings, the green of the water against the grey sky.

The weather changed much during these days, and later in the week I’m able to capture a lot different scenes. Some of them of you can already see in my gallery.

It’s slightly off topic, but I would like to tell you, that I have updated the design of the side a little, and if you’re reading this from within your feedreader, I would like to invite you over to my site and have a look.

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