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Lofoten Nights

It’s in the middle of the night by now. The sun, even though it’s not setting and is still rather high in the sky, is hidden behind a layer of clouds and the mountains behind us. Occasionally it lights the mountains in front of me with a warm light.

Tonight’s photographic journey started at a beautiful beach, which actually should become our home base on the next day. At this moment though it seems we’re chasing a fata-morgana. After a first shooting at that beach on the north coast of the island, we’re driving towards a pre-selected place on the south-side when we spot a beautifully lit group of mountains in the distance. It’s not too far away, and quickly we decide to head into that direction, looking for a good vantage point and some nice foreground interest.

But whatever we do, how long we drive, the road doesn’t seem to bring us any closer. The mountains are still on the horizon; just where they have been before, but never any closer. At some point during ride, we pass this small lake. The air seemed to stand still here, turning the lake into a beautiful, natural mirror. Occasionally, the clouds give way for the sunlight to wonderfully adding some light to the mountain.

I take my time to do a few compositions and we continue chasing the light on mountains. We never managed to find the place, but some other intriguing views passed our way.

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