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Summer Swamp

It’s the end of July 2009, almost on my birthday, and by now I’m already photographing the landscapes up here on the island north of Tromsö for hours. The sun only hid below the horizon giving wonderful golden light for hours and locations to photograph were plenty along the way.

I just love to photograph in this area. It is possible to photograph in the mountains and at the coast within a small area. Just a short while ago, I was still taking an image at the beach and I captured what would become one of my personal favourites so far but many images were about to follow during the evening.

These swamps were hardly visible behind the tree line along the road but I decided to head out there to explore the scenery. By now, the sun already crept slowly above the horizon and it’s direct light is only blocked by the high mountains surrounding this location.

Behind me is a little fjord but the cotton-grass and the rock fascinated me and I tried to make a decent composition here. The lighting turned out to be rather challenging with the light coming from the right but with the help of my filters I did manage to get a working exposure.

After this and a few other images from this swamp the journey continues leading us to more pre-scouted locations and finally back to the hotel and some sleep before heading out again after breakfast.

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