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On A Misty Morning Pt.2

Two days ago, on Wednesday, I posted the first part of images in this series of images entitled “On A Misty Morning” and now it’s time for the second and last part. A write-up on the images you can find in Wednesday’s post.

What I found to be interesting is, that even though I would not consider every individual image in this series as a “keeper” I do think though the series as a whole works and I am, much to my own surprise I have to say, very happy with the resulting series. This in fact brought up the idea of a different series of images which, as of this moment, is still in hibernation in my archives.

While I prefer this sepia toned version of the images, I also have processed them in a colour version and a few selected images of those I will publish at some point into my galleries as well.

The complete series is available now also in my galleries or feel free to have a look at the slideshow there and on Monday I will have a quick follow up post with a little Lightroom preset to these images.

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