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Oulangan Summer Sky

Kuusamo, Summer 2009. It’s the beginning of June on a warm early summer night. I’m just on the way back home from a outing at Kiutaköngäs, a beautiful yet difficult to photograph waterfall. It’s little before midnight and the sun has “set” slightly below the horizon but still lights the sky just nicely.

I’m driving on a little path which leads me out of the forest and finally to the road back home. I would love to spent the whole night out, but there’s about 400km to go before being at work for the last time before holidays. Still I halt the car ever so often to compose an image.

Unknown lake at Oulangan Nationalpark. Exif: ISO 50, 1,3sec at f14, 105mm, Canon 5D

For me, this light and this scenery is what summer is about up here. Wonderful light in the skies, which usually lasts for hours, and the reflection of the skies in a lake. It’s not getting much more peaceful than being in a place like this. It’s a very silent and contemplative moment.

I continue my ride back home which only get’s “disturbed” every now and then by the very active moose at this moment. After a few hours of sleep and my last duties at work, I drove off to the north of Finland and ended up unexpectedly in Norway. But that of course is another story.

I wrote a little about that trip to Norway in my photo journals. Feel free to have a look at that entry here.

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