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Kiutäköngäs - A Series

It was only planned to be a little road-trip, but in the end the resulting images became part of my Falls-Project.

Our little road-trip leads us to our first destination in the east of Finland, a waterfall called Kiutägöngäs a bit north of Kuusaamo. I’m little familiar with the location as I have visited this waterfall, or more correctly rapid, once before now two years ago. During that visit I had a good chance to explore the scenery and then focused more on wider views.

Somehow though I didn’t had the feeling that I managed to capture the essence of the place and was not entirely satisfied with the outcome. This time the lack of light, switching to B&W and using a long lens inspired me to approach the torrent from a different angle.

Essentially this torrent is a wild river which caved its way through the hills and even though the rapid is rather large, it is though a narrow place and not necessarily easy to photograph.

Leaving the wide-angle lens in the bag this time and by focusing more on the details of the scenery, especially the structures in the rocks and contrast between them and the stream, I managed to get a different and more satisfying take this time. Also by excluding the sky I had the feeling to not only have been able to create more interesting photographs, but also capturing more of what makes this spot so exciting, yet difficult to photograph.

Maybe in an upcoming visit I again might have more and different ideas, but for now, this is getting closer to what I would think to be more interesting.

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