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A Violin Teacher's Room - A Photo Story

Summer, with all it’s landscape-photographic opportunities is but a distant memory and another winter is just around the corner. The days are significantly shorter and darker by now and finding time for some landscape photography is getting increasingly difficult. It’s just about time to think about some photographic projects to keep me a bit busy, and this could become one of them.

If you visit here from time to time you might have noticed me mentioning the acquisition of a Ricoh GXR, which is a very fine and small camera. I have made it a habit of carrying it with me almost all the time just to be prepared once something catches my eye - just as it was in this case.

A Violin Teacher's Room

A few months ago I visited this room for the first time and the coziness of this, let's call it, combination of workshop and teaching facility has appealed to me in an instant. The room simply has character something that in times like these, in which teaching facilities favour a clean and functional style, seems to be forgotten.

Many images were hidden in here and exploring the room in the soft autumn light coming in through the window had been a treat. But now feel free to explore the room yourself in this series.

It is always a pleasure to return into this room and I’m looking forward to explore similar cozy facilities like this one. That is, if I find them, but that of course is a totally different story.

Aside from being a not-landscape-ish post it’s also a rare post in which my profession and my passion collide. Aside an occasional Instagram or a random Tweet out of boredom during a break, I have kept my profession so far out of this blog.

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