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Coffee-Break is Over

Two weeks ago, I had my first cup (actually three) of coffee and one Latte after four months and 9 days of avoiding coffee. During that time I stuck to tea and after quite a bit of experimentation also found one that I like and am able to enjoy. Yet, it’s no coffee.

So, after having said first coffee, it was obvious that it wouldn’t take long before I had my next couple of cups. Those were followed by one nice cafe Latte while I was waiting at a workshop a few days later.

With this Latte while working on my laptop, I had one of the most creative boosts in a long time. I prepared some work related things and once those were done I started to work on some blog posts that I had planned for quite a while. Words and posts simply came out of me, and I hadn’t been that focussed in a very long time.

Since that moment I am fully back to my old routine(s) and currently am aeropressing the hell out of my coffee and buying Lattes left and right when I am out and about.

If it’s not obvious yet: I missed it.

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