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What's next in my Reading List

The other day I finally (I’m sorry to put it this way) finished “The Night Ocean” and am now thinking what to read next and this is what I came up with.

Even though the I have managed to read more or less regularly during this year I did not read as much as I hoped to. I finished the Expanse series (okay the novellas are still waiting for me) but aside the aforementioned “The Night Ocean” by Paul La Farge not much else. Something had to happen.

The obvious solution is: a clear goal. Hence I needed a list.

Over the last few months I have every now and then downloaded a few samples or simply bookmarked some books that seemed to be interesting and now I have been running through them and looked for a possibly rather diverse list of books.

  • John Scalzi: An Old Man’s War I have read one of his short-stories and enjoy reading his blog, so it was an obvious choice to start with this one. Also if I like it, it is a whole series of books with which I can continue1.
  • Mark Benecke/Florian Hilleberg: Brandmal (John Sinclair series) Something in German for a change, pulp-horror fiction. I like this series and read some of the booklets as a kid. No literature for sure, but fun entertainment.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 Cosmic Avengers Even though I am not really a comic-reader I find myself buying a few every now and then. I know, weird. Recently I bought a whole bunch of comics during an Amazon sale yet haven’t come around at all to even look at them. I guess it’s better to start catching up with them.
  • Chet Baker: The Missing Years A memoir by Artt Frank I used read a lot Jazz Biographies but haven’t done so in a long time. This one seems like a good one to check out.

Probably my actual reading list will look different after I finished Old Men’s War, but let’s see.

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