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The one with the "Murderbot" and other Novellas

I posted a short micro-blog the other day, when I started with the Murderbot Diaries, and in the meanwhile I of course finished the whole series. Suffice to say, that I liked it a lot. Great story, great writing and the character of the Murderbot is just the best.

At the moment there are four books in this series (a fifth one is said to be published in 2020 and a prequel on Wired) and it was one of the few books (or series in this case) where the thought: “Hey let’s listen to this again” crossed my mind. Which, I guess, is a good thing.

And no, I didn’t listen to it right away again.

In the process I realized, that I kind of like the format of the novella. Long enough to develop the story, but not so long that it becomes a “project”, for the lack of a better word, which I enjoy for other reasons. To be fair though, the books read as if it would be one long book, since the story continues. I guess that’s the advantage of reading the series when it’s done already.

Following this path, I continued with Stephen King’s Elevation, which I presume can be described as a novella as well. Who cares, but it was a very good story. Since I realized that I liked the size of novellas, it seemed the natural choice for me to continue with Stephen King’s The Stand, which is anything but a novella. I know, weird.

After that though, I think I might return to the Murderbot, but that is still about 46 hours ahead. Which reminds, to start writing my “The Books I read in 2018” list.

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