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Today’s view from the Hotel Window

It’s been long ride, and by now it’s pitch black outside. So yes, I’m currently at the Ylläs Jazz & Blues festival, where we are going to perform the music of Esperanza Spalding as a support act for the Ricky Tick Big Band. This is going to be a fun show.

A quick side info: 9 years ago, during another concert trip, I launched my “personal blog” Too Much Latte while I was on the way here. I remember being rather adventures doing that in the bus, from my phone (I guess iPhone 3g or such) on I also remember that the 3g network wasn’t then what it is now. Which should come as no surprise.

Needless to say that that blog has been merged long ago into this, though I’m sure I haven’t imported all posts. I just did a search on and figured there are some archived pages and learned that I already then was doing “status” updates there. I will have to browse through that once and get some of the old stuff out.

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