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The Book-Log

Earlier this month I published my reading list from 2018, and in the process realized that putting it together took a felt eternity. Some books were in my Kindle, some in Audible and some in Storytel. It was a bit of a hassle to look them all up and a rather time consuming endeavour.

Sure, I could have relied on Goodreads, but, as far as I know, it integrates only with the Kindle, and audiobooks would have to be added manually. Also, that seems to be a bit too much.

I tend to post a quick note (you find new books filed under reading here on the blog) when I finished a book, but even that I sometimes forgot. So, browsing through that list wasn’t always helpful.

So, the other day, I chose to create a reading page, or better a Book-Log here on the blog, which contains all books I read since I started tracking them.

I thought putting them straight here on the blog might help me to keep it updated regularly (cough because this already works so well with my /Now-Page cough). Since this blog is all just plain-text files, it is rather easy to maintain.

I have set up a ”Drafts” action which quickly appends a new book to my book-log. This process is so quick that there is a good chance that I might stick to the setup. I only need to have Drafts close by.

Additionally I have set up a second reading-action in such a way, that it creates an entry both here on the blog and in my Day One journal, which I have started to use again (don’t-get-me-started).

You can have a look a the Book-Log or check out some of the reading posts.

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