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Weeknotes #3

This weeks’ Weeknotes are going to be much shorter than last weeks. It was a rather busy week though

Things Watched

During this week I managed to watch one thing. As a celebration of May the 4th we re-watched “Rogue One” the other day. But that was it.


I had been on a binge and listened through the “Themis Files” (1-3) and then continued with Neil Gaimans “The Graveyard Book” which I finished just a few minutes ago. It’s a great book.

There are books that I finish and can continue with the next one, and there are books that leave some sort of emptiness when it’s over. “The Graveyard Book” is one of the latter. One gets so entrenched in the story, in the world the story takes place in, that it feels sad to go out of it. Well, I could read it again of course.

And because I was going through these books, I had only limited time to listen to podcasts. The Neil Gaiman interview on the Tim Ferris Show though was great. Even though it is not a new episode. But I already wrote about that.

Talking about writing…

Epiphany of week

Here a few things happened at the same time.

First, I listened to said Neil Gaiman interview, which for whatever reason got me interested into fountain pens and doing more writing by hand. Shortly thereafter, I had to sign a few papers and had to realize, how bad of a handwriting I have.

I admit, this was no new information.

I had very, very, not good whatsoever, hand-writing since my schooldays. I never really mastered to write in script/longhand(?) and switched early to print. Neither version looked good in any way and was both painful to do and to look at.

When I looked at the scribbles on the paper, I decided that I’m done with it, and that I should do something about that. I finally took my Everlast notebook to good use, and did what I obviously didn’t do during my time in school and started to practice my handwriting.

I have now every day since “practiced” for about 20min since then. It still looks crap, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise, but maybe there is hope.

Anyway, I did also order a fountain pen and a notebook. I don’t what to put in there, but I sure hope, it’s at least going to look a bit better, than anything that I could have written last week.

The Chain

And so it goes, that I broke the chain. I thought I could get this post out before midnight. So the longest streak on this blog would be 154 days. Well there will be then two posts today.

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