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New Pen

Actually it is the first fountain pen I got myself since, I guess, 4th grade or such. I didn’t know how much fun it is to use a fountain pen. I doubt I have spent much time thinking, or enjoying that when I was in school, but now things are a lot different. And not only my age of course.

I’m making also some progress on the “improving my handwriting” issue. It is nowhere near where I would like to get it to, but I’m making slowly progress. The above wouldn’t have been that legible a week ago.

It is mind boggling how much I have forgotten, not that I ever was good at writing cursive. I routinely find myself looking up how to properly write a certain letter in cursive or struggle with the combination of certain characters. But little by little.

During breaks at work I found in rather soothing to write by hand, or better, to practice doing so.

I have ordered a nice notebook which I might use to write quotes and stuff into it. Not sure. But until then, I still have time to practice.

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