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I have yet to re-read the book, this time with a pen to make some notes, but I can already say that the book was rather enlightening. While it not necessarily was showing things I wasn’t already aware of in one way or the other, it was very insightful to learn more about the background and learn about the studies made.

As said, I will have to read it again am pretty sure I missed some things, but many of the concepts, especially those about the part of social media addiction, are things that I at the moment have no issue anymore. Not that was always the case.

This process that started rather naturallly already a few years ago, and I currently check-in only on Micro.Blog and follow only to a handful of selected Twitter profiles, both in my RSS reader. The latter I tend to check two to three times a day.

I’d be lying if that’s a regular number, sometimes it is of course more, but it is only my RSS-reader that I use. I don’t have either FB or Twitter on my phone/iPad and don’t intend to put them there.

Facebook I check in at-best, if at all, once every other month for a couple of minutes either because my wife has posted something, or someone has birthday or posted birthday greetings on my profile. Needless to say, the latter would be only once a year.

I have though a Micro.Blog client on both devices, which I only use to reply to comments or posts.

One thing that struck me though, was the concept of “Solitude Deprivation” (I hope I remember this right - Audiobook more on that soon) which is something that I’m somewhat guilty of.

I mostly always have my headphones on and listen to either audiobooks or podcasts, at least when I’m out and about, or at home when I’m alone. The irony that I learned about this concept while listening to the audiobook doesn’t escape me.

On the plus side though, I’m historically bad at multitasking, and can’t listen to anything when I’m for example writing or doing any other kind of work, which involves me actually thinking about stuff. This automatically give me a bit more space.

While I have no intention to stop listening to audiobooks or podcasts, the lesson here for me to take out of, is being more intentional about it and try to make the most of the time listening.

I learned a lot already from the first reading of the book and am sure I will gain more insights during my re-read in the upcoming weeks.

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