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The One with the "Conjuring" universe

Just before going to sleep I was catching with my feed-reader and read an article on about the latest movie in the Conjuring universe: Annabelle comes Home and got intrigued.

I do enjoy a horror movie every now and then, but prefer more of the scary ones rather than just brutal ones. Especially I have a thing for the type of movies that have some kind of religious background, for example like “The Exorcist” and the likes, even though the book had been much better than the movie. I had been introduced to the Conjuring movies (the first two and The Nun) earlier this year when I came down with the flu and liked them as they kind of fit the profile.

Anyway, one thing led to another and I quickly found the first movie of the Annabelle arc on Netflix. I kept the movie running on the iPad and at the same time did some work moving/importing blog posts back into Wordpress from my blog on

It was both an entertaining (the movie had some nice scares in it) and semi-productive evening activity, which ran very late. I must admit though that at certain times I did my horror-movie-watching-on-the-iPad-thingy and switched to picture in picture mode (or whatever it is called) at the more scarier parts (see above), or was very busy moving a post :-).

That being said, I already have lined up the the next movie in the arc. I usually don’t have much time or energy to watch movies and this month have only watched two so far and I guess I might manage a third one.

Why I move posts back to my Wordpress-Blog is though a totally different story. Less scary though, maybe, but that is part of another post.

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