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The Thing with the missed Blog-Anniversary

The beginnings of this blog are a bit in a grey zone but I remember starting blogging more or less consistently in middle of November of 2007 on the photoblog platform Pixyblog (I still remember how I set up the blog in my stupidly small teaching room with a flaky internet connection) and then eventually moved over to Wordpress where I hosted for the longest, yet ever so often tried a hotch-potch of other platforms.

As said, the beginnings are a bit blurry and most of my oldest posts are lost. I did manage to recover some and my oldest at the moment dates back to August 2008.

So, for the time being this blog is either 11 or twelve years of age. Maybe one day I’ll be able to recover my oldest posts.

UPDATE March 2021: I write this as I move again the whole blog and yes, I still haven’t been able to recover the about 90+ missing images/posts.

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