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I know, it's Been A While

After re-launching this blog and updating it with a whooping six posts this year, I also re-launched my Micro-Blog today.

Over the course of the past weeks and months I found myself again thinking that I may have had enough of a social-media/blogging break and frequently caught myself situations in which I thought, ‘hey, that would be fun sharing’.

Needless to say, I never did.

Today though I took first measures and reactivated my Micro.Blog with the hope that I might start sharing things again. Let’s see how that will end.

I deliberately choose not to use this blog for these purposes though. If I have learned one thing during the years during which I have tried to combine both, the Blog and a Microblog of sorts, is that it causes me more pain than I thought the unification gains me. Somehow it felt always on the fiddly side of things and I was merely tinkering with themes, setups, cross-post-what-nots and so on, to keep things working and in the end spent a boatload of time for, well, not much.

Maybe this time the separation will work. Maybe I keep updating both instances, maybe the Microblog will become a fresh-start.

Or maybe I will post my next thing in about a year and realize it didn’t work out.

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