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Performing with the Oulu All Stars Big Band feat. Jarkko Martikainen

On Saturday, 18th of December 2021 at 19 o’clock we will perform with the Big Band feat. Jarkko Martikainen the “Pieni joulu-uudistus program at the Karjasillan church. It’s going to be a nice program with all kinds of Christmas tunes.

The past rehearsals went well, and the saxophone section has a lot of doublings in there (I’m on the un-usual Baritone seat, also play clarinet and tenor here), which is a fun thing to do.

The concert is conducted by Kirmo Lintinen and also features our artistic director Jukka Eskola on lead trumpet.

If anything of the above sounds good to you, you know where to go to.

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