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Something New

So, here it is. I launched another blog. You ask why? Well, I’m not so much having an idea myself, okay, maybe a little one.

My main blog/website has developed quite much during the last two years since I launched it. It started quite small and now I have my photoblog, my galleries, my portfolio and my blog there. All of these are part, or will become part of the humble attempts to bring my photography and photography business on a new level.

As my blog there is naturally photography related and reserved for writing and announcements regarding my photography, I felt more than once, that certain posts which I had in mind didn’t really belong or fit the concept there and therefore didn’t post them. Not sure is this a good idea or not, but somehow it felt natural to me.

This blog will, hopefully, be more of a personal blog, a journal of sorts, where I post stuff, rants, articles of which I have the feeling don’t belong on my photography blog. It’s kind of a lifestream if you will, or some kind of long Tweets. It is of course natural that photography will be somehow part of this site also in one way or the other, due to my obsession with it.

In order to have a little separation from my blog I chose a name which, as you might have guessed already, is a little more personal and inspired by my sheer addiction to coffee and to be more precise, Cafe Latte, which I consume literally always. I hoped to get a little of me into to name and address of this blog.

I know, I’m not a fast writer anyway and still I have multiple drafts for upcoming posts still here waiting on my computer. But I still hope this will change. This is also where this one comes into play and improve my writing skills and more importantly, writing speed.

As with all things, it’s maybe better to hang my own expectations not too high, so I will not disappoint myself, or even worse you, who came and actually read this.

So, please bear with me in this little experiment of mine, and I will try to do my very best, to make this place another fun and informative site of mine.

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