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This has all become a little too difficult..

I think this whole sharing links has become a little too difficult. At least for me here. More often than not, I simply mark a news item which I ran into my news reader only for my own purposes.

Sure it’s easy to just share it in the reader (Google Reader) or to quickly post it to Twitter. As I frequently do. But for some reason, if I want to check one specific link again after a while, I simply don’t know anymore where the hell I bookmarked it. Was is gReader, or did I only posted it to Twitter. Maybe it was just something I only fav’d on Twitter. Or even worse, it wasn’t any of those, and I bookmarked it locally….

As I now launched this blog, it would be nice to have them here also. But then again, you the reader who might just read this on Twitter, will get a post to Twitter with a link to here, which then links to the actual link… Hui, doesn’t sound that inconvenient?

Okay, now came also Buzz (which at least as of the time of this writing doesn’t show up in my account), but I have the feeling that it’s not really solving my issue, as it only involves my contacts there….

To have my own favorites all in one place, I have made one folder in Google Reader with all my faves from services like Twitter, Flickr and Instapaper. But this serves only for my own reference, to make searching for something a little more convenient. This though doesn’t solve the actual sharing issue. Besides I only want to share a link, and not like in Google Reader, the actual article. Has actually anyone thought about the legal aspect of that? Just wondering….

Of course I might be able to use Delicious for that. Having them shared automatically to Twitter and a weekly summary here on the blog. Doesn’t sound too personal to me. Or would it be acceptable for you?

I think for the time being, I might simply share occasionally a link to Twitter and make a full post of them, maybe once in a week. Or would you prefer more frequently? I’m still undecided. Maybe I have too much free time here at work ;-)

Would be nice to hear from you about this. How do you share things? Twitter only, Google Reader, Delicious, Facebook, your own blog? Or all of them?

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