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The One About Me getting a Haircut

Ever since I wear my hair short (it used used to be different, and now there are no pix and my driving license is hidden in a secure location), my haircut looks, despite my best efforts to contrary, always the same. I tried plenty, but it seemingly doesn’t doesn’t matter what I do.

I visit a hairdresser, give a set of instructions, and the resulting haircut is the same like always. I visit another hairdresser, give an entirely different set of instructions, and the hair comes out the same. On multiple occasions I told the hairdresser to do whatever she/he wants, with the end result of having the same haircut as usual.

I’m not that bothered about my appearance, but it is mildly befuddling.

I started now to do, what I frequently did in the past, and cut my hair myself, and guess what, it comes out the same as usual, with the difference I don’t have to wait, get an appointment, or pay for that matter.

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