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Homescreen for March 2018

I know it’s been a while and I needed to search a bit until I found the last home-screen post . Even though it looks similar, a lot of things have happened in between. At some point during the last year, the erratic touch-behavior of my phone has annoyed me one time too much and I went back to the iPhone 6plus which I had still lying around. During the few weeks that I was using it, it learned again that I so much more prefer to use Android.

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106 Days

My time back on iOS didn’t lasted very long. 106 days to be precise. In the beginning of the year I switched to Android and was very happy and satisfied with the whole experience. I like Android as an OS, I like the integration with all the Google services, the awesomeness of Google Now and the fact that I can customize it to my liking. To make it work just right for me.

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Home Screen for April 2016

One of my main motivations to switch over to Android, was to be able to set up the device just the way I want to. The way it suits my needs and wishes the best. Which is good, simply because, and yes, you guessed right: I get to tinker again. For a while now, I was using the Google Launcher, and was (and still am) very satisfied with it. I like to have Google Now right there on the left screen, so I wasn’t much motivated to switch to another launcher.

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Home-screen for November 2015

It is time for another home-screen post. In fact, no major changes compared to my last one. A few more applications have become, maybe not useless, but so rarely used that I decided to get them off of my first screen. NEW: Google Play Music: I have used Google Play Music in the past, and as a matter of fact, like it a lot. The recommendations are even after little usage, much better than on Apple Music and it respects that I from some artists really don’t want to have ANY recommendation whatsoever.

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Home-Screen For October 2015

It’s that time of the month. The lack of difference between the current the one from July does not convey the changes it has undergone during the last few months. While both seem rather Android-ish, in between I had a very different setup. A lot of applications had been replaced only to be re-replaced, if there’s a such a thing, shortly thereafter . OmniFocus replaced Todoist for a while, re-appeared and I started to use either Mail.

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Home-screen for July 2015

I planned to publish this, or better, a post like this for a long time. My last home-screen-post is already a long time ago, and an update is more than overdue. As so often before, I had started to write the post, but since I never had been satisfied with the actual home-screen, hence also never finished the post either. This, my current set-up had been in the works for quite some time but currently I enjoy it quite a bit.

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